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Jae Sook

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Jae Sook is a gifted and talented therapist. Jae Sook studied at the Potomac Massage Training Institutes (PMTI) in Washington, DC area in 1999.  She worked as the lead Reflexologist at Robert Andrew Salon and Day Spa in Gambrills, Maryland for 5 years before opening her own practice. Jae Sook is a talented and gifted practitioner and has been a dedicated staff member to Pilates Plus Wellness Center for 10 years and we are appreciative that she continues partner with our staff and clients at PPPTW. 
Jae Sook says, “I’m so blessed to work with such fantastic therapists, as we work well together to serve our clients”.  “Throughout 20 years of experience, the one thing that has remained constant is my passion for what I do.  I honestly believe that my love and care for what I do is derived from my heart and placed into my hands so I can transfer it to my clients’ hands and feet.  I feel fulfilled when I see client’s happy faces and happy feet, it is a sign that they are rejuvenated!”
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