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A Special note from Dr. Asher

Welcome to the next chapter of a beautiful legacy founded by Susan Spangler.  PPPTW is anchored by our commitment to seed our community with a holistic approach to health and wellness.  We challenge ourselves to be leaders in the collective quest to bring people together in shared values of equality, respect, and empathy.  My experience has taught me that the root causes of physical problems are often multifaceted and require a shift in the mind in order to transform the body. Through thoughtful movement and lifestyle adjustments to behaviors and eating habits,  we can cultivate a self-healing environment that supplies the body with what it needs to be healthy.  Essentially our goal is to empower people to live a life that aligns with their ideal true selves which is unique to each person. 

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About Us

Our Mission

Our core values are rooted in the belief that when addressing the health and wellness of a client or patient, the approach should be from the “inside out”.  We understand that our clients and patients are unique individuals each with their own personal story, fitness history, and goals and therefore should not be treated with a “one size fits all model” when approaching wellness and health care.  We distinguish our boutique wellness studio from other health related gyms by our diverse and experienced staff that considers the “whole person” every session, through thoughtful and frequent communication with our clients, fitness programming that is based on individual physical assessments, sessions that evolve with the patient/client’s goals, and a holistic interdisciplinary approach to health and wellness.

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Proud to Be Different


PPPTW is not your ordinary wellness center, gym, or clinic.  We cultivate a calm, personalized, healing atmosphere that supports our clients and patients through a transformation of mind and body that benefits them throughout their lifetime.  We consider ourselves partners with our clients and patients and value their time and investment in their health.  Whether it is a private session or small group class, you will receive high quality service that is timely and client-focused and you will leave feeling empowered.

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