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John Baylor

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John W. Baylor Sr. began his martial arts training with Mr. Robert Lee in
January 1973 and received his first black belt in October 1976. In 1978
he began training in Tang Soo Do with Master Myung Seok Seo
receiving a rank of 2nd Dan (Midnight blue belt) ln 1980. His training in
Yang style Tai Chi and Shaolin Long Fist Kung Fu started in 1985 with
Sifu Mike Berry and John Johnson. His training has continued with
classes, seminars and camps in Silk reeling (Chen style), healing
sounds, Bagua Gigong, Tai Chi straight sword, Tai Chi -Kung Fu fan,
push hands, and Liuhebafa.

John was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame - June 1998 as
Master instructor of the Year. John was the owner and Master
instructor of Upper Marlboro Martial Arts Center for 18 years.
In April 2019 he received a 1st Dan in Hai Dong Gum Do (Korean
Sword) from Master Derek Graham. John has 44 years of teaching
experience in Tang Soo Do, self defense, and Tai Chi.
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