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Physical Therapy

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Why Use Pilates with Physical Therapy?

Pilates and physical therapy unite in a synergistic relationship to enhance physical rehabilitation! This combination really excites Dr. Asher, because in her practice she finds that the movement principles, emphasis on motor control and body awareness, local muscle strengthening, and dynamic movement act as a springboard to facilitate faster return to increased function whether it is competitive sports, recreational activities, or  work life requirements.  The addition of the specialized Pilates apparutus to rehabilitation has expanded the number of people who would stand to benefit from this unique synergy to nearly everyone,  regardless of age or activity level. It teaches improved posture, proper breathing, and thoughtful movement throughout daily activities.

Questions & Answers

heal and allow the highest desired level of movement that is unique to the individual patient and their environment. Dr. Asher believes that patients should not have to rely on insurance companies to dictate which treatment options are best for them but instead the treatment program should consistent of a customized plan established after a comprehensive examination and assessment and clear communication between the patient and PT to determine the most effective treatment options to address the root cause of the patients problems.

Not your Average Physical Therapy

At Pilates Plus Physical Therapy & Wellness you will receive a 55 minute one on one session with a Doctor of Physical Therapy.  Dr. Asher’s physical therapy method is patient centered, methodical, and encompasses a whole-body approach to facilitate the body to

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