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Fran Smallwood

Fran holds a comprehensive Peak Pilates Certificate, which is distinguished by an emphasis of Pilates as an integrated movement system.  Fran has experience working with special popluations such as clients experiencing general de-conditioning & limited mobility, chronic pain sufferers, adult athletes, etc.  Fran also holds a certificate in Personal Training with the American Council on Exercise (ACE).  She has been teaching and sharing her enthusiasm of health and fitness for 5 years.  Fran is passionate about her work as both an Athletic and Pilates Trainer and says that she most enjoys helping their clients get stronger and accomplish their goals through focus, consistency and determination.”
Fran teaches private Pilates & Personal Training sessions as well as group Pilates and strength training classes.  You Will leave your lesson with her having experienced a total body workout! When Fran isn’t sharing her talents with clients she is dancing or choreographing for her dances at church and spending time with family. She is hoping to return to roller skating very soon.