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Tiffany Smith

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Tiffany is passionate about all thing’s nutrition, health, and wellness. She obtained her master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition and Integrative health as well as a Certification in Health and Wellness Coaching from Maryland University of Integrative Health. Tiffany found her way to nutrition and health coaching, after she began her journey to healthier eating habits by ditching the practice of yo-yo dieting.  Tiffany’s quest to take better care of herself by making healthier choices led her to the conclusion that food truly is medicine!  Tiffany was inspired to pursue studies in health coaching after her experience as a health coach client that led to her making life-changing self-care practices that she still implements today.  Tiffany enjoys helping her clients through a holistic approach by helping her clients to make small changes that add up to substantial results through various lifestyle changes. She believes in
bio-individuality and takes a very personalized approach with each client since there is not a “one size fits all” remedy to good health.  Tiffany is currently studying for an additional health and wellness coaching certification as well as completing the requirements to become a Certified Nutrition Specialist and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist.

Tiffany is also a level I Peak Pilates certified instructor. She found Pilates to be beneficial in improving her back pain and was interested in learning more about how this movement therapy can help others improve their bodies.  Tiffany’s experience as a Pilates teacher and a brand-new mom, has given her an even greater appreciation for what the human body can do when we take care of it.  Tiffany loves seeing her clients transform their minds and bodies during their Pilates practice.  She is looking forward to advancing her Pilates training and learning as much as she can for herself and clients along the way.

When Tiffany is not busy trying to help others, she is enjoying spending time with her husband, son, and her fur babies! She enjoys traveling, reading, visiting trails in the area and event planning in her spare time. 
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