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Tina Williams

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Tina Williams is an established licensed massage therapist of 11 years. Tina’s interest in learning about the human body began when she was a small child, but soon developed into her passion. Tina's passion, education and experience has been the catalyst to making others feel better about their bodies.  

Tina obtained her massage therapy license at Everest Institute in Jonesboro, Georgia. She is also currently enrolled at the University of College Park Global Campus to broaden her footprint in the health industry through her studies of Healthcare Management and Marketing with a emphasis on Policies and Organization.  

Tina has crafted a unique and intuitive massage practice that is a collection of her many specialized manual techniques and
experiences working in a variety of settings from medical offices to spas.  Tina’s massage practice is highly valued by her loyal clients who refer to her as the ‘body whisperer” which reflects her deeper understanding of the human body and connection to improving her clients well being. Tina is always striving to deliver quality service and lasting results that support her clients in achieving healthier and more capable bodies.
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