Why Yoga?

The top reasons to practice yoga at Pilates Plus Wellness Center?

Reason #1: The Healthful Benefits of Yoga can be enjoyed by ANYBODY

The ancient practice of yoga offers so many variations – there is sure to be one that is both accessible and challenging for whatever fitness level you currently possess.

We see many people in our classes who practice yoga as a management therapy for chronic disorders like Multiple Sclerosis or back problems. We also work with athletes who use yoga to strengthen core muscles and add flexibility.

Do you have a specific fitness need? Please see our class schedule to register or contact us if you would like help choosing a class that is right for you.

Reason #2: Our huge variety of yoga offerings mean there is always an interesting class to challenge you

What’s your pleasure? Here at Pilates Plus Wellness Center, you can choose from Gentle Yoga, Flow Yoga, Christian Yoga, and Yogilates in a variety of yoga styles including Anusara and Hatha based.

Unsure about which class is right for you? Take advantage of our newcomer’s special! We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Reason #3: We care about you as a person

Have you ever had this experience? You take a yoga class at a large gym for weeks, then suddenly realize one day that no one even knows your name.At Pilates Plus Wellness Center, we care about YOU. Not as a number or a statistic, but as a person! One of our clients says it better than we can:

This is a very lovely studio with a very welcoming staff. I’m glad I found Pilates Plus, or maybe it found me! Susan, you have a lovely studio and it resonates warmth and I know you truly care about your clients!

Our clients aren’t just from Upper Marlboro–we have people come see us from all over Maryland, including Bowie, Brandywine, unincorporated Prince George’s County, Lothian, and Dunkirk!

Come see the Pilates Plus Wellness Center difference for yourself. Register for a yoga class today.

Reason #4: Our teachers are trained and certified

Every one of our yoga teachers have completed a minimum of 200 hours in their yoga training and have experience with a variety of yoga styles.

Why do we go this extra step in our hiring practices? Because you are worth it. Experienced yoga instructors are able to anticipate your individual yoga learning needs, whether it be modifications for mobility issues or challenging poses for athletes.

Ready to try the Pilates Plus Wellness Center difference for yourself? Register for a class today!
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