Why Trampoline Classes?

Wanted! People who want a total workout that is joyously FUN!

Getting a total body workout has never been so entertaining! Pilates Plus Wellness Center is pleased to announce that we offer official Bellicon MOVE classes using Bellicon trampolines.

Now you can enjoy a low-impact – but vigorous – workout that engages your muscles, strengthens your bones, gets your cardiovascular system working, and challenges your core.

Here is a video from a Pilates Plus Bellicon MOVE class. Aren’t you ready to have this kind of fun when you work out?

What is Bellicon?

Bellicon is a brand name of a patented trampoline technology that uses a pliable mat and bungee cords (instead of springs) to provide a silent, low-impact bounce that works multiple body systems at once.

Note! The trampolines used in the class are not your run-of-the mill kiddie plaything. Bellicon is a German/Swiss company that specializes in exercise trampoline technology. Every Bellicon trampoline are specifically engineered and constructed for stability and even comes with support handles for those who might want a little extra security. 

Your MOVE class instructors, have all completed the Bellicon Academy basic training and been vetted by Pilates Plus owner, Susan Spangler.

Mara Collinson, Trampoline Instructor

What are the benefits of a Bellicon MOVE class?

All of the moves in the class can be performed with a soft bounce, with the feet never lifting from the mat, so the workout can be enjoyed for people of any age and fitness level. Our instructors are trained to teach to all levels, including athletes who want intensity and challenge. The workout is gentle on joints while still providing  robust exercise.

A Bellicon workout is like treating yourself to a full-body tune-up.  Benefits include:

  • Improved Muscle development
  • Increased balance and coordination
  • Prevention of falls
  • Improved posture
  • Engagement of core muscles
  • Building lung capacity
  • Preventing bone density loss
  • Burning fat
  • Helping your immune system to flush toxins, bacteria, and waste.

Ready to have a blast while you work out? Contact our studio for more information and next class dates. We offer FREE fundamentals of Trampoline to all new clients, so call for your free class today!

Ready for a fun workout?! Your first trampoline class is free!
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