What our clients say about Pilates Plus Wellness Center

Here at Pilates Plus Wellness Center, we are dedicated to helping our clients bring balance to their mind, body, or spirit. Every day, we work with people dealing with chronic pain, folks working through injury rehab, people who want to lose weight and add strength, athletes who need to cross-train, and a host of people who seek stress reduction and overall wellness.

We are honored to be able to share with you a few stories from our many satisfied Upper Marlboro, Brandywine, Bowie, Prince George’s County, Lothian, and Dunkirk.

Meet Allison Blake, who shares her weight loss success with our Liver Detox!

She is a long-time client who takes Pilates private lessons twice a week with Susan and Franchesca and is also one of our many amazing detoxers!

“So, between this cleanse and the one Susan hosted in August, I am down 16 pounds from what I weighed August 1, 2017. Yippee! (And I’d be down 19 pounds if not for holiday goodies 😉

The earlier weight loss was pretty easy to maintain b/c new habits, such as smoothies for breakfast and a near-daily salad, have been easy to maintain.

Now I have a new soup habit!”

“I love the small intimate setting. I truly enjoy all of the instructors.” -Sondra B.

“It (Yogilates) helps will my back pain and I enjoy the different exercises.” -Kathy B.

“Since I’ve been coming, I feel I can do more things, like exercising, more stretching, and doing housework isn’t as difficult. I was pretty limited, but now not as much!” -Kathy L.

“I love Susan (owner) and the classes are taught by professionals. Plus they take into consideration your challenges and tailor exercises.” -Jodie F.

“I enjoy coming here because you are made to feel like a family. Susan cares about your well-being and it serves as a different form of therapy for me emotionally, spiritually, and physically.” -Robin G.

“I like the class sizes. The small class means that there is more one-on-one time between you and the instructor. I always feel better after class and everyone is really nice here. After coming here for a year, I am more flexible and happy.” -Breanna W.

Meet Joleen B., who shares her experiences with lifestyle changes and weight loss

Joleen B., feeling and looking great!
Joleen feels and looks great!

“My number one concern and goal was avoiding surgery on my colon.

I wanted to lose weight, at least 25 pounds. Now I have lost 37 and counting! I learned the fundamentals of food combining and the very important things that I needed to know to heal and lose weight. I was so happy to heal and be out of pain. I loved learning how to eat naturally and my husband loves my food. I really enjoy the fresh food I am eating.

I worked exclusively with Pilates Plus Health/Nutrition Coach Jessica Wagner. She is so pleasant, enlightening, my time with her flew, she is so knowledgeable and I appreciated the documentation and follow up after our sessions and getting her feedback on how I was doing.

You have one body – take care of it! It is a gift to be able to heal and learn about your body–it’s good to invest in your health.” ~Joleen B.

“I thoroughly enjoyed both my meditation and yoga classes and now that they are finished, I miss them.

I love working with Cristal, the instructor, but I’m open to any of the instructors.

Thank you, I feel wonderful and have been told I look the wonderful too!

Your facility has meet all of my medical needs much more than I anticipated. I have learned self care and it has helped heal me emotionally and physically.

I have told all my Doctors about your facility. The results are reflected in my physicals, I can feel my core stronger and my body is aligned I walk taller and I have lost a lot of inches which is reflected in my clothes. I have had numerous compliments, and I give the credit to your business.

As an Asthma and COPD patient, the classes have opened up my lungs and helped with my breathing.

The atmosphere is so warm and relaxing, and everyone including the other clients are so wonderful, it’s like a family.” ~Charmaine R.

“I’m enjoying the Christian Yogilates class…love the pace and the instruction on how to improve each position.  I’ve been having a great experience at Pilates Plus…thanks to you and your staff!”  –Janice E.

“Thanks Susan: You’re an inspiration and your wellness center is a welcoming environment.” ~Amina A.

“Sandy did a great job teaching the FREE Energy Healing class. Lots of enthusiasm and participation.” ~Sandra C.

“Susan, thank you for offering such informative workshops. I’m very thankful that I found your studio. The classes and workshops have helped me heal. Namaste. ~Alice

“I absolutely loved the workshop and received a ton of information that will help me begin my journey towards true health and wellness. I have already purchased my first kit and am looking forward to learning more about how to improve my health though the user of essential oils.” ~Shelia W.

“The receptiveness truly warms my heart! Susan, you’ve got a fabulous space with lots of warm, positive energy.” ~Sharon R.

“A tight lower back was the reason I came into the studio. My tension and pain decreased every time I took a session. In combination with exercise I do at home and the reformer, the pain is basically diminished.” ~Kimberly S.

“The facility is great.”

“The studio is well-rounded, warm and welcoming.” ~Emily T.

“The studio is always encouraging and motivating.” ~Karen

“My experience at the studio has been life changing! I am much much stronger in my body. I am now able to drive, walk and do for my self vs. needed assistance in all most most of these areas in my life. The benefits of the studio, the teachers and the leadership of Susan has been life changing to me and God sent.” ~ Catherine H.

“The studio is warm, inviting, supportive and professional. Pilates has helped me address several health issues. It also makes me happy.” ~Veronica J.

We invite you to read more about the qualifications of our teachers. Please see our Pilates Plus Wellness Center Teacher Credentials page for details.
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