We know that where health and wellness is concerned, one size definitely does not fit all. To meet your individual needs, we offer holistic, whole-foods based approaches to help you improve nutrition and your overall health and wellness.

Pilates Plus owner Susan Spangler (left) giving a cooking class demonstrating healthy smoothies and blended foods

Our surprisingly affordable Nutritional Wellness program can reveal your imbalances and show you how to correct them through food and lifestyle practices so that you can work with your body rather than against it.

Types of imbalances that are uncovered and corrected are:

  • Not eating from each food group on a daily basis
  • Eating toxic foods
  • Skipping meals
  • Incompatible food combining
  • Not balancing your raw food intake with your cooked food intake
  • Eating foods that are incompatible for weight loss
  • Eating foods at incompatible times of the day
  • Not having a balanced meal three times a day
  • Depriving yourself of enough healthy calories/not eating enough
  • Exercising too hard
  • Lifestyle stress (career, relationships, family, home, etc.)
  • Health issues such as constipation, IBS, infertility, high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid disorders, insomnia, etc.

We advocate completely natural/earth-based food so that you can lose weight through cleaning your body of toxins with a plant-based diet with some room for animal products if you need and/or want them in your diet. Our Nutritional Wellness program is holistic, moving at your own pace and provides long-lasting results.

Choose from from FOUR different program options- we have an option for every budget

Option 1: Health and Wellness workshops

Chef Terrence “The Juice” Murphy gives a healthy (and delicious!) cooking demo

Our nutrition-based health and wellness workshops are a great first-step on your journey to wellness (or a good “reinforcement” for those who already embrace good nutrition). The beauty of these workshops is they are both power-packed AND affordable. Workshops typically run two hours.

See what our past attendees had to say about our workshops:

“I learned so much from this class on what I should and could be eating. I also know that I will be eating healthier and not so stressed out over my weight as I now know by eating what my body needs I will lose the weight in a healthy manner. Thank you for doing what you do to help people like myself with our quest for a healthy lifestyle.” ~Julie H.

“This class was very helpful and inspiring, just what I needed for motivation. This really helped me get motivated again, inspired, wanting to feel better and lose weight. I got up this morning ready to begin; it was just the New Year’s boost I needed. Thanks for your professionalism, organization, managing the meeting time so well and making it simple. Becky P.

Option 2: 1-on-1 grocery store tour with a nutrition coach

Do you want to make healthy choices but don’t know where to begin when shopping for food? You don’t have to go it alone! Our grocery store tour helps simplify shopping so that you can make the most healthful choices with confidence.

You and your nutrition coach will head over to your favorite grocery store, where you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify which foods are best to help you reach your personal nutrition goals
  • Read and understand nutrition labels
  • Compare products
  • Avoid the aisles that can sabotage healthy eating

Call 301-952-1111 today or contact Pilates Plus by email to learn how to get started.

Option 3: Kitchen pantry assessment

Did you know that reaching your health goals is much easier when you have the right tools and foods at home? It’s true!

With the Pilates Plus kitchen pantry assessment, you can have a nutrition coach come to your home and assess your kitchen cabinets and refrigerator. You’ll receive a comprehensive plan to help you align your home cooking space with your health goals.

Call 301-952-1111 today or contact Pilates Plus by email to get information on fees and availability.

Option 4: Work 1-on-1 with a health coach

Enjoy personalized guidance for your journey to better health through nutrition.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to try to learn about what you are eating and why. Our 1-on-1 counseling will help you by teaching you the changes that you can make, how to shop for the healthiest foods, and how to prepare these foods for maximum nutrition and flavor.

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Whether you are in Upper Marlboro, Bowie, Brandywine (or other Prince George’s County towns), Lothian, or Dunkirk, your good health starts at Pilates Plus Wellness Center.Please call 301-952-1111 to schedule an appointment today or email us with questions.
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