Health Coaching

Are you interested in nutrition and healthy living but feel overwhelmed at where to start?

With our many health coaching plans, you will have a partner to help you reach your goals.

You probably already know how important nutrition and healthy living are to living your best life. But starting down the path to wellness can often make people feel overwhelmed and unsure how to start. That’s why Susan Spangler, owner of Pilates Plus Wellness Center has developed a full range of holistic health counseling services, with one sure to fit your particular lifestyle and goals.

Your first health consultation is completely FREE! Call 301-952-1111 to schedule your free session now.

These health counseling options give you the support you need to determine your goals and reach them. You will have the benefit of having a working relationship with someone dedicated to your success.

“Most people want to get healthy, but don’t feel like they can ‘go it alone.’ Let me hold your hand and support you in reaching your health goals.” ~ Susan Spangler, Integrative Nutrition health coach and owner of Pilates Plus Wellness Center

Free health consultation

To get you started, Susan invites you to take part in a free holistic health consultation. What we mean by “holistic,” is that each session is tailored to your unique situation and includes a check-in on factors that are integral to success such as hunger level, food satisfaction, career stress, etc.

You will start by taking an individual holistic health assessment. The results of your assessment will help guide you to determine what areas are most important for you to explore, whether it be cooking and recipe development, spiritual grounding, or stress reduction.

Susan Spangler, Integrative Nutrition holistic health coach and owner of Pilates Plus Wellness Center, guides a client through nutrition and wellness concepts.

Why take such a comprehensive view? Because sometimes poor nutrition, sleeplessness, or being overweight are symptoms of a seemingly unrelated area of your life.

“My role is to offer the support my clients need to help move forward in their health journey. Sometimes making small life changes can have a bit impact in a person’s ability to work toward improving their health and wellness.” ~ Susan Spangler, Integrative Nutrition health coach and owner of Pilates Plus Wellness Center

In addition to your free holistic health assessment, you will also receive:

  • Free wellness tools to help you move forward
  • Guidance in making a two-week “go forward” plan with concrete goals
  • A written follow-up for your reference

Ready to get started? Your first health consultation is completely FREE! Call 301-952-1111 to schedule your free session now.

One-on-one health coaching

Pilates Plus Wellness Center owner Susan Spangler will help you on your journey to eating and feeling better. Whether you want to eat clean, get healthy, lose or gain weight, desire more kitchen skills, or simply don’t know how to get started, Susan will help you develop a plan to meet your goals.

“If you would like to embrace health and wellness but aren’t sure where to start, I can help. Supporting you as you reach your goals is my professional passion.” ~Susan Spangler, Integrative Nutrition health coach and owner of Pilates Plus Wellness Center

What is one-on-one health coaching?

Pilates Plus one-on-one health coaching is a way for you to have dedicated, individualized support to develop and reach your wellness goals. Pilates Plus owner Susan Spangler will collaborate with you to develop a roadmap to make positive health changes in your life.

What’s more, you can start your health coaching risk free, by participating in a free health consultation. All you need to do is call 301-952-1111 to make an appointment. You can meet in whatever method is most convenient for you: in person, on the phone, or via Skype.

How long does one-on-one health coaching last?

You have choices – we can meet for as few as one or two sessions, or have regular interaction for several months – whatever feels appropriate for you. The coaching relationship is based on your needs and goals.

Susan recommends two meetings per month, either face-to-face or one in-person meeting and one phone/Skype meeting.

How does one-on-one health coaching work?

In your free initial health consultation, you and Susan will determine your goals and identify possible roadblocks to your success.

Each subsequent meeting will focus on reviewing the prior two weeks, setting new bi-weekly goals, and working on the learning areas you have identified.

We offer easy monthly payment plans so there is no need to pre-pay for all the sessions.

From our participants

You might be interested to hear feedback from someone who has tried health coaching. Here is a message from Carol W., responding to a follow-up from one of the meeting sessions:

“Hi Susan, thanks for being such a blessing in my life. You really help me stay focused and centered. I so appreciate you!  Yes, please send me a blended soup recipe when you have a chance. In sharing my story with family and friends, I’m planning cooking sessions and could use the recipe. I don’t know where this journey is taking me, but I’m loving the ride!” ~ Carol W.

Your first health consultation is completely FREE. Call 301-952-1111 to schedule your free session now.

Group Holistic Health Counseling

Looking for a shared health experience with others? Then Pilates Plus Group Holistic Health Counseling might be the wellness journey for you.

In our group health counseling sessions, you get the benefit of having a community of like-minded wellness seekers to encourage you and learn from your experiences. Plus, you can save money since you share the cost of working with a coach.

Group holistic health coaching is a two-month program, scheduled twice a year (typically March and October).

Is Group Holistic Health Counseling right for me?

A group setting is appropriate for people who:

  1. Are willing to share their experiences as a group
  2. Like having a community
  3. Want to connect with other wellness-minded people
  4. Want a lower-cost alternative to individual coaching
  5. Enjoy learning about and experimenting with food

The first step is to schedule your FREE health consultation. Call 301-952-1111 to make an appointment.

Did you know that many of the classes and services offered are covered by most FLEX health savings plans? Please contact our studio at 301-952-1111 for more information.
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