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In the beginning, your new healthy lifestyle can feel tough and forced. There are skills to learn and routines to create, but once the initial phase of learning is down pat, you are free to turn the new rules into your own personal rituals. Doing so will help you make this an enjoyable, fruitful, and even sacred lifestyle that lasts forever.
Turn what you want and need to do regarding healthy eating and living into a ritual. A ritual feels like a way of life rather than just something else to do.  If you’re a coffee drinker, think of drinking your coffee. It feels more like a ritual rather than something that has to be done, which is why it is difficult to stop. Now, you can consciously choose healthy rituals that are in alignment with your health goals and let go of ones that are not. 
We don’t grow tired from rituals and they don’t require motivation or will power to partake in them. It feels as if rituals come naturally. When you turn something into a ritual, you put your heart into it. You really feel in it, a part of it. The ritual itself nourishes you rather than drains you.
A ritual turns something ordinary into the extraordinary, a skill into an art. Health is really the art of living. It’s a state of being rather than doing. It’s not a set of actions, knowledge, and skills. A ritual is time to be in the moment. It’s a flow. A conscious ritual is sensual. It connects you with your body and the moment. It feels good, is meaningful, and has rhythm.
First, a ritual needs space. Create time and a place for your ritual that feels good. A ritual is something to look forward to. It brings comfort, consistency, dependability. It’s about the process rather than the end result. When you unite with the process, the end results just come on their own. Turn as many actions as you can into rituals that feel special and even magical to you. FEEL your practice. Don’t just DO your practice. It will make all the difference!

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