Class & Session Pricing


Click here for a downloadable PDF of our full group class schedule

Our classes fill up fast. Register today to reserve a spot in your favorite classes. Drop-ins and late registration are encouraged–regular class drop-in prices range from $13 to $18, depending on the class. Equipment class pricing is slightly higher. Call for availability: 301-952-1111.


“I think the group class size is perfect. Susan still manages to give individual attention and always suggests alternatives if needed.” ~Lynn F.



UPDATE! Our Newcomer’s Special program has been expanded to include Mini Trampoline, Nutrition Counseling, and Hypnosis. New clients AND existing clients are eligible!
Whether you are brand new to Pilates Plus or have been with us a while, our Newcomer’s Special can introduce you to the tools and resources you need for optimal wellness. Now you can experience the variety of what our studio has to offer – at one super low price. We know that when you are new to wellness, you may not be sure which class will suit you best. That’s why we offer our Newcomer’s Special so that you can sample our services and save $26!

*NEWCOMER'S SPECIAL $109 / 3 Private Sessions
Choose from PILATES, YOGA,
3 - 30 minute private sessions
*one-time, new clients only

Pilates Group Equipment Classes – Winter Session (6 weeks)

PILATES Group Reformer $225
Mon. and Wed.
45 min Options
~9:30 am M & W
~1:00 pm (M)
~7:00 pm (M)
Mon: 1/7 and 2/18
Wed: 1/9 and 2/20
PILATES Group Reformer $225
45 min Options
~ Thur. 12:00 pm
~Thur. 5:00 pm
~Thur. 6:30 pm
1/10 and 2/21
PILATES Totally Tower Class $180
30 min Option
~ 7:00 pm
1/9 and 2/13
PILATES Mixed Equipment Class $180
Tuesday & Thursday
30 min Options
~10:30 am T
~ 9:00 am Th
T 1/8 and 2/19
Th 1/10 and 2/21


Free Fundamentals of Group Reformer

Pre-requisite to all group reformer classes.  Check our current schedules to see when classes are offered.

Group Mixed Equipment

This is a super fun format! We do Pilates Tower, Pilates Wunda Chair, and Pilates Mat, all in one Power-packed 30-minute session. This class is ideal for clients who need to add one more Pilates session to their weekly schedule, great for clients who need variety, and perfect for anyone just starting Pilates.

Pilates Boot Camp

This class combines classic Pilates exercises on the Pilates Wunda Chair and the standing exercises (like boxing, squats and pushups) on the Pilates Tower. This is a fast-paced class that builds on what students have previously learned; class is 45 minutes. Beginners are welcome but suggest a few private lessons prior.

Totally Tower

Performed in its entirety, this tower workout is challenging even for most experienced Pilates students. Using the Pilates Tower, resistance exercises are performed that strengthen the core and challenge balance. Exercises are performed kneeling, standing, and supine so that the powerhouse is challenged in a variety of positions. Class exercises like “squats” are given a whole new perspective and students will leave class feeling like the “whole body” was worked!

Pilates Express Mat

These are 30 min classes; perfect for someone taking another class or private lessons. For example, Express Yogilates offers some Yoga, Pilates, Stretching and Relaxation. Express Pilates for athletes is designed for healthy individuals with no significant limitations and all athletes who want to improve performance by strengthening the core muscles. Express Pilates Mat for beginners is designed to break each mat exercise down with time given for students to achieve precision. Intermediate Express Pilates Mat is for students who have learned the basics and are experienced with the Pilates method. Check with the studio to determine which level class is running. Also, see our NEW 6 week session of Pilates Reformer Mat or Roulette class!

Mat/Stretch Combo – Mixed levels

Enjoy 20 minutes of stretching and 30 minutes of basic Pilates mat work. You will focus on proper cueing and breathing techniques.The Fundamentals of Pilates class is a prerequisite to taking this class. Check current schedule to determine formats that are running-we mix it up all the time!FullSizeRender (37)

Mixed Level Pilates Equipment

We offer mixed level group Pilates equipment classes weekly.  These are a super fun format–utilizing Pilates Chair, Tower, and mat in every 30 minute class.

Gentle/Therapeutic Pilates

This class combines 20 minutes of stretching and 30 minutes of basic Pilates mat work. This class is 50 minutes. This class caters to special populations (post surgery, neck issues, back issues, and any one with therapeutic needs).  Check current schedule to determine formats that are running-we mix it up all the time!  We will start a class for groups as small as four–so tell us what you need!

 Group Pilates Reformer

This class pairs compatible students into trios on classic Pilates Reformers. Our studio uses combination tower/reformer units. Classes are beginner, mixed, and intermediate. A prerequisite to the Beginner level class is Fundamentals of Reformer or a private lesson. Each class covers a classic designed choreography which includes variations and modifications of all basic patterns of movement to include flexion, extension, side-bending and rotation. Each class, regardless of level improves core strength and stability. Classes are 45 minutes.

Beginner Circuit

This is an exciting opportunity for students who want to explore the challenge of the Pilates equipment, including the Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Arc Barrel, and Spine and Foot Correctors. Class includes footwork and jumpboard on the reformer. Prerequisites are: Completion of an eight-week Beginner Mat Class, YouTube assignment to review the jumpboard and mat routines–students must memorize these routines. We strongly the $3/109 special–to prepare for this class! Class is limited to 8 students and is 45 minutes. Check current schedules–this class runs intermittently.

DUET Pilates Packages: Bring-a-friend

PILATES Duet Package $135
3 sessions
50 minutes each
Price is per person
PILATES Duet Package $200
5 sessions
50 minutes each
Price is per person
PILATES Duet Package $370
10 sessions
50 minutes each
Price is per person
PILATES Duet Session $50
1 session
50 minutes
Price is per person

Duet Pilates

Enjoy the fun of working out with a friend–and enjoy a reduced price, too! Don’t have a Pilates partner? Call our office and we will pair you with someone else looking for the benefits of one-one-one training at a lower price.

PRIVATE Pilates Packages & Sessions

PILATES Private Apparatus Package $205
5 sessions
30 minutes each
PILATES Private Apparatus Package $400
10 sessions
30 minutes each
PILATES Private Mat Package $320
5 sessions
50 minutes each
PILATES Private Apparatus Package $650
10 sessions
50 minutes each
PILATES Private Apparatus Session $45 / $70
1 Apparatus session
30 min / 50 min
PILATES Private Mat Session $60
1 Mat session
45 minutes


GROUP Yoga Winter Session – 12 Weeks

Gentle Yoga $170
Wednesday & Friday
60 min
Wed 10:00 am
Fri 10:30 am
W 1/9-3/27
F 1/11-3/29
Mixed Levels
Everybody Yoga $170
Monday & Tuesday
60 min
7:15 pm
M 1/7-3/25
T 1/8-3/26
Mixed Levels

Class Descriptions


Everybody Yoga
This class is for every body! We teach it as a non-competitive discipline where everyone works at their own pace and comfort level. This class recognizes we are ALL DIFFERENT and celebrates you! All poses can be modified to individual needs and each person is encouraged to listen and know their own body. You can make this class challenging or restful if you need it. Yoga meets your needs–you don’t have to meet the expectations of yoga or a teacher.
Gentle Yoga

Take this well-rounded yoga class and enjoy incorporating the ancient insights of yoga into wellness for today. Each class focuses on yoga as a vehicle for deep relaxation, body awareness, overall wellness, and healing. We offer modifications to accommodate all fitness and skill levels. Class is 60 minutes long and includes relaxation.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra, or “Yogic Sleep” is a profoundly restorative and healing practice. The process of yoga nidra combines mediation, intention, and relaxation to work at the most subtle level to restore balance by releasing excess tension and stress. This practice is the art of “not doing”, taking your body and mind on a journey through different awareness techniques and giving yourself the permission to restore and revitalize your body on a deep level. It is said that 45 minutes of yoga nidra is as powerful as 3-4 hours of sleep! No experience is required, and all are welcome. There is very little to no movement during the practice of yoga nidra, allowing anyone with an openness to healing themselves to practice. It is recommended to dress or bring an extra layer of clothing, socks, something to cover your eyes (scarf, eye pillow, jacket sleeve, etc.), a blanket to cover yourself, and something soft for under your head.


GROUP Winter Session – 12 Weeks

Yogilates (Pilates + Yoga) $170
Tuesday & Saturday
60 min
~Tues. 5:30 pm
~Saturday 8:30 am
T 1/8-3/26
S 1/12-3/30
Mixed Levels
Barre-Core $160
45 min.
6:15 pm
Mixed Levels
Tai Chi $90
60 min
6:00 pm
1/11 and 2/22
Mixed Levels

Class Descriptions

Awesome Abs

This power-packed 30-minute class will make you feel your abs after! This class is a combination of Pilates Mat exercises and target core exercises that use props such as balls, bands, and boxes. Don’t have a lot of time? This class is efficient and effective; all you need is 30 minutes to kickstart the body you want!


Barre-Core is fusion of ballet, strength work, and active isolated stretching that does not require previous dance experience. This is a sequence of fun moves to upbeat music that will work those “trouble zones” including the belly, legs and thighs (BLT) using the barre and finishing on the mat. All levels and all bodies benefit from this type of class since there are different levels taught and there is no added stress on the joints. This is not “no pain—no gain”. In fact, the movements are designed to seem effortless and graceful, focusing on precision and enjoyment. With regular practice you will notice you are leaner and stronger, more balanced and with better posture. At the end of each class you will feel stronger and longer. For your comfort, it is best to wear socks. Warning: while this is a good workout, but it may not seem to be because of the fun you will have.

Tai Chi

You will learn effective forms of stretching and strengthening exercises, the Yang Form, and basic Qigong exercises. Tai’ Chi will help you balance, slow down, and appreciate the beautiful flow of this form of exercise. Runs in six week sessions.


Enjoy the best of both worlds – this class is an invigorating mix of basic Pilates mat exercises and beginner yoga poses. Perfect for students who wish to explore both disciplines! Each class begins and ends with 10 minutes of stretching and relaxation. Prerequisites: Completion of a Level I mat class (required) and a private lesson (suggested, but not mandatory). Also, see our Yogilates Express classes that run in a shortened 45 min. format.

Bellicon Mini-Trampoline MOVE

The Bellicon Trampoline MOVE class It is a comprehensive, restorative, low-impact, total body exercise, perfect for people of any age and fitness level.  Training balance on the Bellicon is particularly effective thanks to the pliable mat which requires constant adaptation, focus and coordination.  Students who bounce achieve gentle strengthening of the joint–as there no pressure load on the ankle, knee and hip joints while rebounding. The beauty in bouncing includes, muscle development, with the continuous gravitational changes all muscles are engaged involuntarily, especially the deep muscles.  The genius of rebounding is the facilitation of the lymphatic system cleansing, as rebounding activates the muscle pumps and starts the transport of lymph. New oxygen is brought to the lymph nodes and toxins are removed.  This class, mostly performed in a close chain bounce, with feet never lifting from the mat, Bellicon Move produces a soft bounce enhancing posture and core muscles engagement.

Mini-Trampoline $120
45 mins
~12 noon
~5:15 pm
1/7 and 2/18
Mini-Trampoline $120
45 mins
6:15 pm
1/9 and 2/20
Mini-Trampoline $120
45 mins
7:30 pm
1/10 and 2/21
Mini-Trampoline Fundamentals FREE!
30 mins
One per student


Current Workshops

12 Steps To Better Health FREE
11:30-12:30 am
Registration Required
Body Rolling w/Props $125
4-6 pm
All Props Included- Registration Required
Group Health Counseling $229
2/2, 2/9, 3/2 & 3/16
12-3 pm
Food Included! Registration Required
Cooking Right! $99
12-3:30 pm
Includes Food-Registration Required
Essential Oils FREE!
12-3 pm
Registration Required

Workshop Descriptions:

12 Steps To Better Health

Health is a journey, not a destination. It’s all about taking small attainable steps and enjoying the process. This bring-a-friend workshop will show you how you can pick one step and then go on to another when you’re ready. You don’t need to follow the steps in any particular order. Trust your instincts and know that each change you make has a tremendous impact on your present and your future. Space is limited.

Essential Oils

Spring Liver Detox. We invite you to this FREE workshop on the healing benefits of essential oil. You will learn about Young Living Essential Oils to enhance your wellness, purpose and abundance for a better life for you and your family. You will learn the different ways you can use essential and be introduced to TEN Everyday Essential Oils that may: • Ease pain, depression, and stress! • Increase your energy level and stamina! • Restore a calm and balanced mood and enhance mental focus! • Stop colds and flu’s before they make you sick! • Promote relaxation and improve sleep! • Clean, eliminate bacteria, and eliminate odors in your home or hotel rooms! • Promote feelings of strength, courage, and protection! • Aid in normal digestion and promote healthy respiratory functions! This is one that you don’t want to miss. Tell a friend! Bring a family member. Seating is limited, first register, first serve!

Spring Liver Detox: Weight Loss and Detoxification with Natural Foods

This program is designed to motivate you in your process of REJUVENATION. We’ll guide you through a 10-day detoxification process using natural foods. You will receive a Detox guide, shopping lists, recipes and samples, and whole-food supplements (if you choose). This simple program introduces profound results. We will guide you through process of creating healthy NEW eating habits –many participants report weight loss and improved health after just 5-days. Your program includes a 60-minute session on our BIOMAT, which will facilitate the detoxification process and warm you from the inside out! Become the HEALTHIEST YOU NOW!. Cost for program is $145.  $10 off for returning detoxers.

Suz’s Body Rolling w/Props!

This workshop is designed to get you balanced–from head to toe! Using a series of Yamuna Body
Rolling Balls, foam roller, tennis ball, wooden dowel and more, you will learn exercises that can help you balance your own body. Learn techniques to: release tight neck and shoulder muscles, lengthen hamstring and calf muscles and finally stretch and align the muscles of the feet. No matter how you come INTO this workshop, you will LEAVE balanced! BONUS! You will walk away with ALL the tools you need for your home practice kit including: the Upledger Still Point Inducer, the Half Foam Roller, the Foot Savers, and the Physical Therapy Neck Release Ball.

Cooking Right!

In this class, Cooking Made Easy, Chef Terrance will teach you how to cook grains by “other names.”  When we think of grains, we often think rice, but Chef will introduce you 2 heirloom or locally grown Whole Grains and discuss how to use them as both featured and supporting dishes.  He will teach you the importance of cooking grains in quality water and stock discuss the value of adding herbs and fats/oils to cooked grains. Chef will introduce you the methods of properly steaming, searing, and sautéing veggies and will help you build confidence in knife usage by cutting veggies into uniform shapes. He will demonstrate and replicate how to properly steam, sear, and sauté veggies for maximum vitamin and nutrient retention/absorption. You will learn how to make a vinaigrette and/or sauce that enhance the cooked veggies. Students will collectively recover the kitchen area and the class will wrap up with a Q&A pre–screened questions  Students will leave with a guide of the best-essential tools every home cook should have their kitchen.  This class is designed to build confidence in the novice cook, while also adding technique enhancement and ingredient knowledge for the foodie and guests!

Group Health Counseling

This program is for anyone who:

  • Is tired of all the INFORMATION on health and is ready for TRANSFORMATION
  • Needs support to obtain better health; we all need someone to hold our hand from time to time
  • Wants to experiment with cooking, tasting, food design
  • Loves good food!
  • Has tried other approaches to weight loss and better health and have failed
  • Finds all of the conflicting diets, choices in supplements, and health fads confusing
  • Wants to reduce their dependency on pharmaceutical medications
  • Wants to join a community of like-minded people

Susan will take up to 8 students who want to join the group health counseling program; registration is open now.  Details for the program are as follows:

  • Discounts will be available for family members/friends who join together
  • Students will receive discounts for 1-1 coaching packages
  • Students will be entitled to an individual FREE Health Consultation in January
  • Students will receive discounts on the April Liver Detox program

Click here for a downloadable PDF of our the full workshop schedule.  Register here by clicking on the Workshops Tab.  Call the studio if you have questions (301) 952-1111.

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