About the Studio

Our philosophy

We believe in one simple premise: Wellness through balance.

Wellness comes from multiple facets: physical health, mental health, and spiritual health. To this end, we offer classes, private sessions, workshops, and products that can help you on ALL aspects of your health and wellness.

Come to Pilates Plus Wellness Center for health and FUN!

A place for holistic wellness that you can call your own.

“Our goal is to teach high quality programs to a small number of folks who have the desire and passion to be in our caring, loving environment. We are not a gym—we are a family of wellness professionals who are dedicated to serving others.”
~Susan Spangler, Pilates Plus Wellness Center Founder

Pilates Plus Wellness Center was started in 2006 by long-time Upper Marlboro resident Dan Spangler and directed and operated by his wife, Susan Spangler. Susan recognized a need for offering alternative health and wellness options in the Upper Marlboro area and was passionate about offering whole-person alternatives.

“I believe that exercise and fitness programs alone rarely address most clients’ needs,” Susan says. “We offer Pilates, yoga, and fitness boot camps for strength, Christian Yoga for spiritual wellness, massage and Reiki work for healing, counseling for nutritional and life transition concerns, and workshops for other life-enhancers like learning CPR.”

Susan incorporated the classic Yin-Yang symbol in the logo of Pilates Plus Wellness Center to represent this philosophy of balance of all aspects of her client’s lives.
The studio, located in Upper Marlboro, serves clients from all around our Maryland region:

  • Unincorporated Prince George’s County
  • Bowie
  • Brandywine
  • Lothian
  • Dunkirk

The management and staff at Pilates Plus Wellness Center are committed to offering attention and care to meet your individual needs, whether you seek exercise and massage to manage chronic illness or you are an athlete looking for a competitive edge.

Studio Credentials

Pilates Plus Wellness Center is a member of nationally recognized organizations Pilates Method Alliance and Yoga Alliance. We are also the only studio in the Upper Marlboro area to have a complete array of Pilates training equipment.

“I love Pilates Plus Wellness Center because it is a one-stop shop for health.” ~ Theresa R.

Are you ready to improve your wellness? We would love to answer any questions you may have about your health goals. Please contact us.
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