21 – Day Raw Food Cleanse with LaToya and Susan

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The purpose of this blog is for LaToya and Susan to share this 21-day Raw Food  Journey and to inspire you to join us.  Join at any time! We have committed to cleanse mind, body, and spirit for 21 days and share this experience with clients and staff.  We are both feeling the universal pull to move away from old eating habits and learn more about raw foods, cooking techniques and health benefits.  See Susan’s blog to learn more about raw eating.  You can join us at anytime, we want to hear your feedback and how you are doing.  We will hold FREE events and demonstrations at the studio during the cleanse, we hope you will join us.

Preparing To Cleanse

To prepare for your cleanse, start thinking about how excited you are try something new!  More importantly, read about it, tell others you are thinking about it, and above all reflect on what your mind, body, and spirit need.  Before starting the cleanse, try fasting for a few days—a fast can be anything–a longer fast between dinner and breakfast, replacing two heavy meals a day with a liquid soup or smoothie, or eating a single raw meal a day.  If you can do this for a few days, it will alert your body that a change is coming.  Above all, hydrate very well in preparation for the raw food cleanse.  Try drinking a gallon of water a day if possible–by the way–there is no way to drink a gallon of water by sipping all day–you really just need to drink it–and sip in between drinks.

Stocking The Kitchen

Once you commit to the cleanse, it’s time to stock the kitchen first It’s likely that you will need to stock up on a few things:

  • Plenty of organic vegetables and fruits, see Susan ‘s blog on purchasing organic products.
  • Good quality nuts and seeds, raw, organic, unpastuerized (heated).  We stock organic cashews and nuts at the studio.
  • Good quality oils (coconut, olive, etc.)
  • Spices, lots of good quality spices will make your dishes more insteresting and appealing.
  • A good quality blender (we recommend the Vitamix brand).

We lucky enough to have local vendors who deliver FRESH PRESSED JUICES and MICROGREENS to our studio every Tuesday.  This makes your life easier during a cleanse.  To make arrangements for purchase, contact them directly.

Items that are nice to have, but not necessary:

  • Juicer (we recommend Breville)
  • A dehydrator (we recommend Excalibur)

Now a word on ogranizing and “unstocking” the kitchen.  Prior to getting started, it’s a good idea to clean out the refrigerator and organize your cabinets for easy access to the things you need.  Consider throwing out (or donating) as much processed and pre-packaged food that you have.  And, by all means, remove temptations from your site. Don’t worry, we will share ideas on sweet treats, and crunchy salty things that you might crave.

Sample Meals and Video 

Listed below are some ideas from LaToya and Susan.


1 Mug of Warm Water, with a squeeze of lemon.  This one starts the elimination process and rehydrates the body.

1 serving of Barley Juice

The juice of barley grass contains beta carotene, vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, pantothenic acid, and folic acid. Minerals present include potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, and magnesium. Other constituents are chlorophyll, amino acids, protein, fiber, and enzymes. Susan likes Pure Synergy.  You can mix this with water or into a little fresh squeezed juice.

Breakfast Ideas

Breaksfast can be anything, think about it like that!  It can be a smoothie, a chia seed bowl, or even a salad.  Just think nutrition and anything goes.  Here’s an idea for a smoothie recipe.  Blend your own nut milk, your choice (almond, cashews, hemp).  See our video on MAKING ON YOUR NUT SMOOTHIE

Chia Seed Bowl is a beautiful, filling, satifying option too!  Blend your favorite nutmilk, stir in 1/4 cup of organic chia seeds and top with a little fruit, sunflower seeds or shredded, unsweetened coconut.  We like to make enough for two or three days so that you can save on preparation time.  Share with with your co-workers and friends.  While we are at it—let’s talk about getting excited about the food you are eating!!  I like to serve my smoothies in a fancy wine glass and I like to serve my chia seed breakfast bowls in a pretty parfait glass.  It really, really, really makes a difference.

Lunch Ideas

Lunch can be anything you want! Sometimes we have a second smoothie, sometimes a salad, and sometimes it’s a little lighter with some raw veggies and sprouted hummus.  If you decide on a salad–do your best to chop, prep, organize for a few days in advance—this way making a salad is never a chore.  We like to use Holli’s sunflower microgreens in our salads because they are packed with protein.  Start thinking about making your own salad dressings–there are so many online to choose from, or keep it simple: a few spices, a little olive oil, and some fresh lemon.  Remember, anytime you make something, make enough to use twice or three times! See that stuff on our salad that looks like parmesean cheese?  Well of course it’s not!!!  Our Holistic Health Coach Jessica Wagner, recommends topping your salad with a bit of ground sesame seeds.  The many health benefits of sesame seeds are due to its nutritional content, including vitamins, minerals, natural oils, and organic compounds which consist of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, manganese, copper, zinc, fiber, thiamin, vitamin B6, folate, protein, and tryptophan.

Dinner Ideas

You can have whatever you want for dinner, a raw soup in the vitamix, a salad, a smoothie (vary them, so they taste different), or you can get creative like LaToya and Susan have with these lettuce wraps.

LaToya’s Italian Wraps

Chopped tomatoes, garlic, onion, olive oil, fresh basil, orgegano, salt, pepper and serve on lettuce boats.

Susan’s Spicy Wraps

Chopped walnuts, mushroom, garlic, onion, edamame, carrots, salt, pepper.  Served with a spicy sauce: olive oil, rice vinegar, hot sauce and grated ginger, blend in vitamix and serve over lettuce boat wraps.

Dessert Ideas

If you have a dehydrator, there are lots and lots of things you can do to create a sweet treat.  This lovely cinnamom roll reminds you of a warm, gooey, cinnamon roll that you might find at the mall, less the fat, calories, preservatives, and dietary distress.

Snack Ideas


My favorite thing in the world to make in the dehydrator is crackers–this Mexican Cracker Recipe is fabulous, but Alyssa Cohen has so many in her book, you have to check it out.  You basically make a batter in the vitamix and spread it onto a TEFLEX sheet and dehydrate.  They take 10-16 hours, but are so worth it!  We will hold a cooking class soon and teach you how!

Sprouted Hummus

There is nothing better with your nut crackers than hummus-but on our raw journey–cooked beans are not in the plan! So, I forced myself to figure out how to sprout raw, organic, garbanzo beans, and by George, I did it! My hummus recipe is easy:  2 cups of sprouted chickpeas, a scoop of tahini, lemon juice, cumin, garlic clove, salt and pepper (I always add a little something spicy too) and olive oil–blend in Vitamix.  Serve this yummy tread with raw vegetables or your fresh crackers, or bread–yes raw!  See below!

Random Ideas

Pot Liquor

I want to share an idea with you that LaToya’s Grandma has always used.  It’s called Pot Liquor!  So, with all of this raw chopping and slicing–you end up with lots of vegetable waste.  And one day, “T” and I were cooking and I was getting ready to toss some kale stalks in the composte and she stopped me.  She explained that Granny always boiled/simmered the stalks on the stove in water for a long time, turning the water green.  This process extracts the nutrients out of the stalks. Then, she would add various spices, chef’s choice, producing a pot liquor—her family would give this to anyone who was feeling ill, coming down with a cough, etc.   It’s kind of a cure all!  I tried it with cayene pepper, tumeric, salt and pepper–I just sipped it.  Essentially it is a vegetable stock of sorts–I have repeated this with broccoli stalks as well.   I added a little red onion and garlic this time to give it more flavor.  It really curbs your appetite and gives you a warm bellty. This is nice to put in a thermos and sip on all day. Thanks “T” and Granny! Don’t keep this one to yourself, be sure to share it with other people–good food is love.  Do what Holli our farmer does–feed your neighbor!


So, what about that bread craving, or feeling that you just need a sandwich or piece of pizza?  No worries, Alyssa Cohen to the resuce again!  I made this beautiful Pizza Bread this week in the dehydrator…..you can serve it softer and roll up goodies inside, or dehydrate a little longer and serve pizza toppings (onions, mushroom, etc.) on top, or you can even make a sandwich out of it.  We will definately cover this one in our cooking class soon!

Journey Comments

Susan Day Three

Lost Two Pounds

Today, I notice that I am not thinking about food, or where the next meal will come from.  I am practicing the art of slow, thoughtful eating.  I am looking at the food, taking pictures, and noticing how awesome these creations are.  I have more energy, but more important, I have a mental clarity that I have not had in years.  Alot of creative ideas are flowing through me and I am charged up to share information.

LaToya Day Five

Lost Eight Pounds

Thought for the day – I will make allowances for my body to feel however it wants to feel for a few brief moments everyday. I feel that is cleansing.  Then I will make a conscious effort to improve its sort of homeostasis, I want my body to rest in a happier/quieter place😊This week it’s been about trying to disrupt the thoughts associated with eating comforts that are not RAW foods. So I instead focused on the comfort I am getting out of feeding my body all these live and nutritious foods and the mental clarity that I am experiencing throughout the day. Can’t wait to see what I experience  at the halfway mark.

Susan Day Seven

Lost 4 Pounds

The week ended well but there were CHALLENGES.  I was called out of town and had to survive in a hotel for three days.  I planned very well and cooked most of the day on Thursday in order to survive hotel and restaurant eating.  I pre-made smoothies for two days, took raw vegetables, packed nut crackers, etc.  It went pretty smooth, but on two of the six meals out, I had to alter my plan.  I ended up having to eat two vegan meals–but not all raw.  I was worried a little, but decided not to stress out about it, and made the best choices I could.  I returned late Saturday evening and used Sunday as a FAST day–a day to re-boot.  While away, I was able to increase movement and take advantage of a gym in the hotel.  Emotionally, I feel good and proud that I am incorporating some new eating habits–eating mindfully, sitting while eating always, placing the fork down between bites, looking/smelling the food before chewed, chewing food completely before swalling–my body is happy!

This week, I am playing with the smoothies, finding new ways to make them more interesting, I added some beets and cinnamon to this one, and of course spruced it up in a fancy glass–I swear that makes a difference!

Latoya Day 6

Lost 8 Pounds

By the end of day six, I am struggling a little with calories/protein–getting enough to sustain my exercise program.  Also my stomach is starting to hurt a little–I have added some miso into my diet and am contemplating adding some raw protein powder to my smoothies.

LaToya Day 8

Lost 12 pounds

I have made some adjustments to workout schedule in order to conserve energy and I am learning that too much almond milk may not be good for me.  I will start playing with alternating nut milks.  I have also found that I need to switch around my meals some days–like today, I ended up eating my big salad at 11:00 a.m.–this seemed to work well.

Susan Day 9

Lost 5 pounds

I am finding that I am peace, really enjoying life when I am in my kitchen cooking (and by cooking, I mean dehydrating, juicing, slicing, and dicing RAW FOOD!) I am spending alot of time trying new recipes, creating lots of really awesome, nutritious meals from Alyssa’s Cohen’s cook book.  I rarely go out at night shopping, but ran out to the organic store Monday night to stock up for week of cooking.  I feel great, am sleeping well, and getting some exercise in each day.   I have been struggling a little with getting enough water in–so, I am filling up my water containers at night for the next day and keeping one water in the car (no plastic bottles) at all times.  I learned this week that sometimes there is not time to plan out meals as much as I would like, and on two occassions this week, I had to “wing it.”  

One day, I whipped up a pea soup–it was fabulous.  One cup of almond milk (only fresh of course), one cup of peas, one garlic clove, salt and pepper, blended in the vitamix until warm.  Often, I will just throw a handful of herbs into the soup, parsely, cilantro, or basil.  This time I added cilantro.  It was yummy and soothing–and a nice break from all cold foods.

This week’s big discovery was to figure out how to get everyone involved and maximize the kitchen time!  Lucky for me, Dan is a great sidekick in the kitchen, super at “clean up,” and for his reward (besides being married to me), his lunch is pre-made for the next day.  Why make a salad, when you can make two or three?  Think about what you might want for lunch tomorrow and make it ahead–you are already pulling all the veggies out of the fridge–so make as much as you can at once—you will be really happy for the next meal when you don’t have to make it!

Susan Day 13

Still At 5 pounds

This was an amazing week!  I tackled so many new recipes that I can’t keep them straight!  My weight has not changed this week, but I feel great.  While I am resting alot–and better, I have more energy, more desire to do more, I am creating, innovating, and processing a lot of things that have been on my “list” for years.  LaToya talked me into more beets this weeks, so I got the mandolin out and shredded several that had been in my fridge for weeks!  I don’t like beets, but am glad she pushed me!  This week Danny and I had them in smoothies, with an avocado and some cinnamon to COVER them.  But, we got brave and made a huge salad and covered the salad in them and it was really yummy!  I made a brilliant soup this week, see the new recipe below and I learned how to cut a coconut open—it was fun!

I am excited about this last week and have already decided that I will not go back to the old way of eating–vowing to find ways to eat more live food daily.  I will slowly add some cooked vegetables back to my diet and some of my favorite soups, but I see myself eating two raw meals a day forever!

LaToya Day 13

Loss 14 pounds

My discovery this week was that my digestive system responds better to variety. Mixing it up  more with the foods reduced my stomach discomfort while my body continues to adjust to raw foods.  I will strive to include more herbs and mint this week and see if that soothes the belly.  It continues to be a great journey.  As we close out the week I would like to thank Susan for all of her tasty treats and attempts to create nostalgic snacks like crispy crackers and chips made with raw ingredients and plenty of love.  Finally, I am looking forward not feeling guilty about eating :).  I have learned so much about myself and discipline and how that relates to eating pleasures.  Bottom line, I plan to include lots more raw meals in my regular eating regime because I understand the value in it and I will do my best to make as much of our foods in my own kitchen with wholesome ingredients.  Week three wow!!! I will resume my cardio this week; I held off on week two and only did weight training and Pilates equipment workouts.  This week I will balance it all:  The raw meals, cardio, and equipment exercise.

Susan Day 20

Still At 5 Pounds

Well we are wrapping up the three weeks and it has been a positive experience!  I had hoped to loose more weight, but I have learned so much.  I am most proud of all the time I have spent in the kitchen and the energy I gained to try new recipes and share them.  I am inspired to keep stocking my kitchen and dedicating time to planning and preparing healthy foods.  I plan to formalize my Raw Foods training and hope to gain my level II Raw Chef’s certification this spring!  I had a wonderful surprise this week one day arriaving home from the studio quite late–to find Danny in the kitchen preparing our salads for the next two days!  Honestly, it was the sexiest thing!  Good food and a good man! This weekend we took an hour and made two big trays of salad, enough chia seed pudding for the week, and bags of vegetables to pack for lunch, took less than an  hour!

Other Recipes

Simple Smoothie – 8 oz of Harmless Harvest Coconut Water (Health Coach Jessica Wagner warns against all other coconut water–unless cold–they are processed with harmful chemicals).  1 green apple, two greens (I like Kale and Cilantro).  Blend in Vitamix–super sweet but healthly! Remember serve yourself in a fancy glass!

Broccoli Soup Recipe 

This one is straight from Alyssa’s book.  It was a yummy, warm meal that I will think about for weeks. Blend in Vitamix until warm, 2 cups of broccoli, 3 cups of water, 1 cup of almonds (soaked), 1 tsp. honey, 1 avocado, 1 clove of garlic, 1 tps. olive oil, 1 tsp. onion, sea salt, cumin, and pepper to taste.

Spicy Green Lime Cilantro Soup

This is where I learned to incorporate fresh coconut!  Blenk all ingredients in Vitamix until warm:  3 handfuls of spinach, handful of cilantro, juice of 1 young coconut, meat of 1 coconut, juice of 1 1/2 limes, 1/4 cup of olive oil. 1/4 cup of Nama Shoyu, 1/2 tsp. of mellow white miso, 1 poblano pepper seeds, 1/2 avocado, 1/2 jalepeno pepper, 1 medium dried ancho chile with seeds–stem removed, 2 cloves of garlic.  So, so good!

Suz’s Creamy/Spicy Tomato Soup

I made this one up.  I soaked a cup of organic sundried tomatoes overnight with one ancho chile.  I blended the soaked products with olive oil and fresh herbs and salt and pepper in the vitamix and made a paste out of it and stored in the fridge.  I plan to use it for all kinds of recipes and breads.

To make the soup, I took a cup of cashew milk (see my nut milk videos), and blended it with heaping teaspoon of the paste, 1 garlic clove, salt and pepper.  I blended the soup until warm in the Vitamix, yummy!   You could skip the paste and use fresh tomatoes, or add a 1/2 of avaocado to make it creamier.

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